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SkyRise Miami

24 Mar

ImageDesigned by Bernardo Fort-Brescia, this iconic structure will be the second tallest observation tower in the country. The steel and glass giant will be situated on the waterfront of Bayside Marketplace in Downtown Miami. Skyrise will have a sleek, hairpin-like form, which will help the tower withstand strong hurricane winds. The tower will feature an upscale restaurant, a formal ballroom, three observation decks and a nightclub perched 1,000 feet above ground. SkyRise will also offer a number of attractions for the adrenaline rush seekers; a bungee jump-like SkyRise Drop system, a SkyPlunge free fall ride and a Flying Theater simulating a ride through Miami, the Everglades and the Ocean.


SkyRise’s developer, Jeff Berkowitz hopes to begin construction by summer of 2014 and complete the work by 2017. “It is going to allow Miami to assume its rightful place on the global map of world-class cities,” Berkowitz told Local10. “It’s iconic… It’s going to be Miami’s Eiffel Tower.”


The construction price of this phenomenal project? SkyRise might end up costing $430 million and while Berkowitz hopes to raise $270 in investments, he will also be contributing a “significant” amount of his own money, Miami News Today reports. Not only will this development draw foreign investors to the area, but it will also help create jobs for Miami residents. According to the Washington Economic Group Report, SkyRise will create some 7,100 jobs during its construction phase and an additional 17,000 once it opens its doors to the public. And the local economic stimulus doesn’t end there! The SkyRise website boasts that the tower is projected to attract 3.2 million visitors every year upon opening, which should help further boost the 305 economy.


For more pictures and information about the exciting future addition to the Miami skyline, please see:

Alton Road Construction to Finish 7 Months Ahead of Schedule

3 Mar


The road construction project on Alton Road is addressing road drainage problems in South Beach and should help prevent flooding during high tides in the future. According to The Miami Herald, the $32 million dollar project was originally supposed to be completed by August 2015. However, earlier this week the Miami Beach government announced that it will help expedite the work and complete all construction by December 2014. 

If you’ve worked, lived, or vacationed in South Beach at anytime over the past couple of months, you’ve most likely endured spontaneous detouring, heavy traffic jams and endless road rage coming from all directions. Drivers, landlords, business owners, tourists and residents have all been suffering from street closures so yesterday’s news about the project getting expedited couldn’t have been more welcome!

As reported by The Miami Herald, Mayor Levine announced that the state had agreed to speed up construction after he and city representatives met last Thursday with Gov. Rick Scott and other state officials. Meanwhile the City of Miami Beach will be doing everything possible to help customers get to the shops and restaurants affected by street closures. CBS reports that a free trolley service is now operating from Fifth Street to Lincoln Road, along Alton Road and West Avenue, with 21 stops along the way in an effort to improve accessibility. As an added bonus, trolley riders are welcome to park at the Alton Road as well as Fifth Street Parking Garages free of charge.


Miami residents and tourists are rejoicing and looking forward to the end of this necessary, yet aggravating road repair. A big thank you to our Mayor Philip Levine for taking the lead on this project and working diligently with the Governor’s office to complete this project in record time. For further details, please refer to these articles:

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